Char-Broil Smoker

Reverse Flow Modification


Below is the mod I did to my smoker, turned a $150 smoker into a nice even temp unit. 

First things first, I converted this smoker from wood/charcoal to even burning Propane. Shown in the picture is my 40 lb. propane tank, which cost only $20 to fill and allowed me to smoke at least 25 times before refilling. 

Here is a picture of the burner setting in the bottom of the firebox, on a homemade stand. To maintain a 225-250 degree temp inside the smoker, takes about half of the burners full power. After you finished the 'Smoking Process' and can close the stack off a little ways, it then takes way less flame, guessing around 1/4 power... Very easy to keep heat constant with this setup.


I use a bread loaf pan to put my wood chips in, the pans run 5 bucks for two at Wal-mart and work great. I place the pan right over the burner and have strong smoke within a couple minutes. 

Here is the stack moving process, moved to the firebox side. Used a jigsaw with metal blade to cut the hole, stack fit perfectly.

Picture of the stack moved and installed. Along with the piece of sheet metal I used to cover original hole and then painted black.

Here is the 1/4 steel plate under the cooking rack, this makes the heat/smoke travel to the other end, and then up and over the food to be vented.

Inside the smoking chamber with in the heat plate installed.

Picture of the plate looking into the fire box.

Size of gap that allows smoke to travel up.

We're Smoking!!!


Before this mod, the smoker worked good, temperature difference from firebox side to stack side was around 50 degrees. Now with this mod, temps stay within 25 degrees from side to side and even better at times. That's even better then a Lang from what I hear. If you want a smoker similar to a Lang, but don't want to spend the cash. Here's a good replacement.